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Drop Camps

best llama pack drop camp trip in utah

Drop Camps - The llamas and a guide/handler pack in your gear to the spot of your choosing. Your gear is "dropped," and your group is left to create your own adventures for the arranged duration at camp. The llamas and handler will then return to your campsite and pack out your gear. 

Drop Camp llamas will carry 60lbs each total weight including top loads.

  • 3-5 Days
  • Drop camps are great for those who don't need or want a guide but who enjoy the service that pack llamas provide.
  • This option is only recommended for those with backcountry experience and knowledge of the Utah canyons.
  • Don't have a destination? Llama2boot will choose a destination for you that fits your goals and desires for a small guide fee, without the guide.











  • $1,600 Minimum for Drop and Return.
  • Minimum includes 3 llamas transported to trailhead and guided by our crew to your destination.
  • Extra handler fee added on for more llamas.
  • For larger groups.
  • $2,400 for 4 llamas
  • $3,200 for 6 llamas (extra handler fee)
  • $4,000 for 8 llamas (extra handler fee)
  • *Deposit of 50% is Required to Reserve dates.
  • This Deposit is Non-Refundable.
  • Please see Refund Policy