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Day Hikes


Full Day Hike. 9am to 5pm.  6-10 Miles. Mixed terrain. Mostly Off Trail Hiking.  Moderate to difficult hikes. Groups of 1-8*.

Full Day Hike With llamas.  9am-5pm.  4-8 Miles.  Mostly on established Trails. Moderate hikes while leading a pack llama.  Groups of 1-8*.

1/2 Day Hike.  9am-1pm. 1-6 Miles. Variety of options for abilities and interests.  Easy to Difficult Hikes. Groups of 1-8*.

1/2 Day Hikes With llamas.  9am-1pm. 0-4 Miles.  Great options for Kids of all ages. Intro to the world of llama packing. Groups 1-8*.

* Minimum Charge for each option.  Groups over 6 will require 2 or more guides.